How To Prep & Spray AMAZING GOLD CANDY on Rims

By: tonybrichie

Learn how to easily prep and spray candy colors so you can get eye-popping custom paint jobs that your friends and family will drool over. Enjoy! Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.


In this video, we’re gonna go ahead and show you how to spray them candy so things are going to slow down a little bit. We’re going to get into the preparation of sanding the 2k filler primer, as well as all the steps needed to spray these rims candy.


When spraying candies you always want to spray over a silver. You could pick any type of silver you want (a darker version or a lighter version, some with more metallic or less metallic). It’s up to you because the candy is what you know; what the silver was is, and what brings out the candy.

So if you really want to get the full candy effect, you’re going to be spraying your candy color over silver. But if you’re a newbie/beginner, it’s easier to spray candy over the same color base coat.

And if you’re doing like a red candy, you actually might want to spray your red candy over a red base coat. Just FYI there are like 100,000 ways to do this.

But on this Grom project on these rims here we’re just coating the outer part of the rim of the wheel with a silver fade. But because we’re going to do candy, that’s actually going to be gold candy so that’s all we’re doing right now.

Enjoy the video and on this project, we’re doing multiple candy colors. So this is why I’m painting all the rest of the body panels silver because we’re going to be doing like a blue candy on the rest of them.

This is the mixture of the flake in it, you could absolutely mix flakes pearls, whatever is inside of your candy coat. The only problem is that if you run it, you’re going to end up having a problem, you’re going to have that Pearl run or a flake run.

So if you don’t feel comfortable about adding flakes in your candy coat, you can basically just have flakes in your base coat stage by using an inner code base coat, like a clear base coat to spray your candies, and then you could put your candy on top of it.

But if you’re if a little bit more advanced and you have good control of your spray gun, feel free to mix up some pearls or flake that you want to put into your candy and spray it.

Keep in touch with this project they got a bunch of more videos coming out on this Grom project alone. It’s going to be a lot more detailed videos in Learn Auto Body VIP.

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