Tony Richie Mexico Playa Del Carmen House Tour

By: tonybrichie

Hey, it’s Tony!  Thanks for checking out the video and the blog today. This is just a quick Mexico Playa Del Carmen house tour.

I’m just going to give you a quick tour of our place here in Mexico.  I’m just hanging out on my rooftop villa.  That’s the pool and my daughter, Mayah swimming in there. Then, my wife and daughter, Ally is on the trampoline hanging out.

We have a private rooftop deck here.  It’s pretty cool.  Look at the sign, “No shirt, no shoes, no problem!” lol.

Now, let’s take a look at the main house downstairs.  It’s a three-bedroom unit.  The living room and kitchen is all the way downstairs.

We have the three bedrooms and a shower and bathroom on the second level.

Let’s take a look at the master bedroom.  I know it’s messy.  I have kids! We just came here two nights ago.  I haven’t really had time to organize.  We have a little balcony with the same view but from the second level.

Now, let’s go to my room, which is the cleanest.  We can hear the baby’s coming up.  You can see the view on the other side and there’s my car.

Then, here’s my daughter’s room, which she just picked out.  And, it’s the messiest.  I bunked with her last night.

We also have the same view of the street here.  It’s very quiet.  It’s a private, gated community.

Let’s go downstairs.

So, when you walk in, from the front door, this is how it looks.  We have high ceilings so it’s very roomy.  We have storage under the stairs and the living room area.  This is where Ally hangs out.

Then, we have the big, roomy kitchen area with a nice little bar counter.  At the back, we have the washer, dryer and heater set up.

We have plenty of cabinet space in this kitchen.  There’s a lot of storage.  It’s incredible.  Yesterday we went shopping but we still have to get more stuff.  We filled it up a bit.

Let’s go on outside and take a look at the pool where Mayah is swimming.  The weather is perfect.

This is our Mexican stay.  We’ll be here for a couple of months.   I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our “Hacienda” (Well, not really! But, it’s a really cool place!)

Have a great day! I will talk to you soon! See you!

-Tony Richie

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