Your Perception of Money and How it Affects Your Income Goal Reality

By: tonybrichie

Hi, it’s Tony.  Thank you for watching the video and checking out the blog today.

Hope all is well.  I’m in my office just counting money that I have in my wallet and adding some more cash in.  I’m in Japan right now hanging out for a couple of months.

Let me show you the Japanese money.  Their money comes in denominations of ten.  They have the Gosen Yen which is 5,000 Yen.  This is around fifty dollars.  The Sen Yen, which is 1,000 Yen and the Ichiman Yen (10,000 Yen) is equivalent to one hundred dollars.

The dollar is strong right now so if you exchange a hundred dollars to Japanese Yen, you will get twelve thousand and three hundred Yen coins.  If you convert 100 Yen, it will be around eighty cents.

I bought my wife a five hundred dollar hand bag here and I paid through my business VISA with no foreign fees.  It turned out at only a little less than four hundred dollars.

A lot of people think that food in Japan is expensive when it’s really not.  There are expensive places but you can still get good food that are inexpensive.  There are places here with really good food at fifteen dollars per person.

I have a favorite restaurant here that sells really tasty Ramen for under ten dollars.  Some restaurants even give you a coupon with a dollar off offer.

So, I just wanted to share with you a little bit of Japanese money and show you the current exchange rate, which is really good.

It’s Tony Richie, living the internet lifestyle.  There are more and more people making money online.  The e-business is rapidly growing.  Forecasts say that it will grow and almost double up in 2016 from fifty-six billion dollars this year.

You have to believe that you can earn a lot of money.  It’s all about conditioning yourself and proper mindset.

I believe that I can make a quarter thousand dollars a month but for some, it is unattainable.  If you don’t believe it, it’s never going to happen.  You’ll be stuck in the two-thousand-dollar-a-month range.

But for me, two to three hundred thousand a month goal is a reality for me.  It is something that can be achieved.  You can do that too.  You just have to believe you can.

You have to set goals for yourself and gradually increase your goals.  But, make sure that your goals are realistic.

You can’t set a goal for one hundred thousand dollars this week and increase it to one million the following week.  You need to set gradual goals for yourself.

I got my high school GED and dropped out of college but I’m making more than a lawyer right now.  It’s really crazy.  There are tons of opportunities out there.  You just need the right mindset and that’s the important thing.

That’s where I struggled a lot in the beginning.  I still do, but I am constantly aware of it.  So, what I do is to always take out the negative thoughts and think positive.

It’s Tony Richie.  I hope you enjoyed this video about Japanese currency, exchange rate and some mind stuff.

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I will be sharing tons of golden information that will help you excel even if you start with nothing.  Learn from someone who experienced it all.  I came from nothing and believed that I can make my life better.  And, I did.

It’s Tony.  Have a great day! Talk soon!

-Tony Richie



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