YouTube Video Marketing – Your Call To Action Is Very Important

By: tonybrichie


Tony Richie here and this is a brand new channel that I’m creating for people who want to make money online and want to learn how to market their products and services using online video, especially youtube video marketing to build their empire.

Videos are super powerful especially if you know how to use it. We’re specifically talking about YouTube.

There’s a bunch of other video sites that you want to get on also but YouTube is a powerful video search engine where you can attract tons of potential leads and buyers to your products and services on auto-pilot.

Once you get your video up, that video will be working for you 24/7, 365 days a year, every single day. You can get leads while you’re sleeping, while you’re out having lunch, while you’re in bed with your wife, whatever you’re doing…you can make money!

I want to start this channel off by answering a common question.

A question that I get asked a lot is…”Tony, I’m just getting started with this stuff. I want to make some videos to drive traffic to my website but I don’t have my free bribe ready yet.”…”I didn’t create it yet, it’s going to take me another 2-3 weeks to create it but I want to get started  making videos. What should I do?”

Well, the answer is…make your videos now and say you have something to give them for FREE. Don’t start making your videos without any Calls-To-Action. That’s actually the topic of this video.

So, it’s the Call-To-Action in your videos.

You want to put a call-to-action in every single video you make starting from Day 1. Even if you’re just starting out and you’ve never made a video before. Your end goal is to drive some sort of traffic, lead, opt-in, etc.

Whatever you’re doing, you need a call-to-action.

“Buy My Product”, “Visit this website to learn more”, “Go to this website”, “Click below to get my free 20-page report (or free bootcamp series)”…these are just some examples.

Even if you don’t have your free bribe or your video series ready for your customers, encourage them to take action through your videos anyway.

Videos should be 3-4 minutes long.

Another thing is, YouTube is now changing their algorithm. They’re doing that because of course, they want people to stay longer while they’re in YouTube.

Before, it was just about having more views and likes. That’s the basis for ranking the videos. But now they’re looking at how long people are watching your videos. So you need to have good engagement which also means good content or else they notice it. They will know if people just view your video and watch for a few seconds and leave. That means it’s not a good video.

But if people are viewing your video and staying a few minutes, especially if they’re watching it till the end…YouTube notices it and think it must be a good video so you get ranked higher.

That’s how YouTube rank videos now

So I urge you to create some content. This is what I want to teach you.

When you’re first starting off on a brand new channel, I suggest you make your videos no longer than 5 minutes. 4 minutes should be ideal. 3 minutes is also good. You want to make it short, sweet, to the point, likeable and engaging which means viewers will remain watching until it ends.

You will see your Analytics from your YouTube account. Later on, I’ll show you how to read and analyze it.

As you start to build a subscriber base, that’s when people will start to follow you and like you that’s why they subscribed so they can be updated when you publish new videos. This is when you can start making your videos longer.

Think about it…why would you start off making 10-15 minutes long videos when people are probably not going to watch it? And especially if your calls-to-action are not until the end of your video, your viewers are already gone before they get to see it.

How can people ever get to your website to become a potential lead or customer?

This is why it’s important to weave in a few calls-to-action all throughout your videos. Personally, I like adding one towards the end if it’s a shorter video. For longer videos, maybe 5-8 minutes, I have more of them for the whole duration of the video.

Just weave it in. Talk like you’re talking to a friend.

Anyway, I have so much to share with you!

It’s Tony Richie, I’ll see you soon.


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